Vacationing with Hearing Aids

Summer is all around us with vacations, barbeques, swimming and lazing around basking in the glorious sun and good vibes. During these long days of sunshine and travel, it’s important to remember to care for your hearing aids. Like our other valuable electronics — cell phones, laptops, etc. – hearing aids need protection from the elements.  Water, heat, humidity and even air conditioning can damage hearing aids, but preventing that damage is super easy.
Whether you’re on vacation or having a spectacular staycation, here are five tips to remember as you soak up all that summer wonder:
Keep Your Hearing Aids Dry
We all know that liquid is bad for hearing aids.  Condensation and sweat are liquids so, keep yourself and your hearing aids cool and use a hearing aid sweatband it you know you’ll be out in the heat.  For swimming and other water-based activities, it is recommended that you remove your hearing aids.   If you cannot, or choose not to, remove them make sure you have high-quality waterproof devices.  
Use a hearing aid dehumidifier each night to eliminate extra moisture that builds up during those active summer days.
Avoid Direct Sun and Heat on Your Hearing Aids
It doesn’t take much of a rise in temperature to interfere with hearing aid function.  The batteries are particularly sensitive to high heat and need to be kept cool.  The plastic coating of a hearing aid can melt in direct sunlight, as well.  So, the best solution is to keep everything nice and cool by wearing a hat or sitting under an umbrella if you’re outside during the hottest parts of the day.  Take hearing aid cooling breaks when possible by going to a cool area or removing the devices and placing them in shade.
Apply Sunscreen Carefully
You would never spray sunscreen directly on your phone, therefore don’t spray it on your hearing aid.  Sunscreen can damage electronics, so be careful when applying to your skin, but DO apply it to ALL of your skin – even your ears and eyelids.  After application, wash your hands thoroughly before handling your hearing aids again.
Clean, Clean, Clean
Vacation or no vacation, summer or no summer, hearing aids need to be kept clean.  The need does increase during summer months when the heat and moisture encourage the growth of bacteria.  Talk to us to find the best cleaning techniques to keep your hearing aids germ-free.
Don’t Lose Them!
This applies extra to our sporty summer types.  Secure your hearing aids during high activity with a hearing aid clip.  They can be secured to glasses or clothing and there are some stylish clip options out there.  It’s a simple step to avoid hearing aid damage if they do fall out of your ears, especially at the beach.
Hearing aids are a worthwhile and life-changing investment that can last for years and years if you invest a little bit of time each day to focus on their proper care and maintenance.  Contact our office to discuss hearing aid maintenance tips or to schedule a hearing consultation.


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