The Best Television Accessories for Hearing Aid Wearers

Living with hearing loss can sometimes take away the pleasure of certain activities that used to be enjoyed alone or with friends and family. One of the more popular areas where individuals can really feel the effects of their hearing loss can be when watching television.
If you experience difficulty hearing your favorite shows with or without the use of hearing aids, there are devices on the market that might make a big difference for you.
Wireless Headphones
Do you love watching television or movies but find that you need to turn the volume up quite loud to catch everything that’s said? While this might be ok if you’re home alone, a blaring TV can create frustration for others in the house. Even if you use hearing aids yet still find you need extra volume, you might benefit from a set of wireless headphones.
These devices are designed to function with your television to enhance the quality of the sounds you hear while simultaneously canceling outside noises and distractions. Many models have volume controls right on the side, allowing you to adjust them with ease.
Hearing Aid Streaming
For those who wear hearing aids, recent technology now gives you the option to stream the audio from your television straight to your ears! Be sure to check with your hearing health provider about the options available to you, as many of today’s digital devices can support Bluetooth functions.
Not only can these advanced hearing aids work with your TV, but many connect to a smartphone or tablet as well. Certain models have the capability to stream within a wider range than others, so in some cases, you could visit the restroom or grab a snack in the kitchen while still hearing what’s happening on your favorite show.
Home Theater Systems
If you enjoy spending time with family or friends while watching the game or everyone’s favorite movie, then a home theater system might be a great option for you. Rather than focusing clear sounds toward one individual in the case of headphones or streaming, today’s systems optimize certain aspects of television audio to assist those with hearing loss.
Unique technology works to enhance the clarity of dialogue and balances audio outputs in a way that is more clear for everyone and reduces the need for those with hearing loss to have to turn up the volume. If you’re not sure about which system will work best for your particular hearing needs, don’t hesitate to check with your hearing health professional for recommendations.
Other Options Are Available
The choices above are just some of the tools that you can use if you experience hearing impairment with or without hearing aids. Categorized as assistive listening devices, there are a plethora of options to help you enjoy your day to day activities, whether it’s watching television, listening to the radio, or just hearing your alarm clock in the morning.
Your hearing health professional will be able to help guide you to the assistive listening devices that might work best for you, so if you have questions about what’s available, give our office a call today!


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