Musicians Need Earplugs Too!

The chances are that if you attend a rock concert, an orchestra recital, or go to a jazz club, you will see musicians wearing earplugs. The reason is simple and probably obvious. Musicians wear earplugs to protect their hearing from irreversible hearing damage. The ability to hear well is vital to a musician, making earplugs as necessary as an instrument is to a practicing musician.

A Painful Truth

They say if the music is too loud you’re too old. However, the truth is that professional musicians are four times more likely to have a noise-induced hearing loss than other people according to an extensive study using the health records of 7 million people.
The noise is not limited to rock concerts either; professional orchestras are taking measures to reduce sound levels as well. After experimenting with physical noise-reducing barriers such as the placement of screens, many orchestras now see earplugs as a solution backed by research and the only means of ear protection.

Denial and Excuses

There is a certain amount of hero worship when it comes to musicians. To play the role, many musicians feel that earplugs are bad for their appearance. The more common reason given is that of an uncomfortable, poor fit. Whatever causes a musician may have, some musicians are reluctant to try using earplugs and lose their most precious gift.

Great Reasons for Musicians to Wear Earplugs

Maybe it is time for you to give earplugs a chance? Here are some fantastic reasons why you should consider protecting your delicate hearing ability:

  • Tinnitus. Believe it or not, going deaf from listening to loud music or playing shows without the use of hearing protection should not be the most significant concern for a musician. Tinnitus should be of more significant concern. So if you do not want to listen to a high-pitched whine in your ears all of the time, get a pair of earplugs.
  • Better sound. Purchase a set of fitted ear plugs, and you might be surprised how well things sound. High-quality earplugs merely reduce the volume, making listening to your music more enjoyable.
  • Age. Guess what? We are all going to get older. You will not stay young forever so grab some earplugs so you can hear the music you play as long as you can.
  • Style. Earplugs are much more stylish than a set of hearing aids. Unlike hearing aids, you can remove them once the show is over. So wear earplugs now instead of being permanently stuck with hearing aids later.
  • No need to turn up the volume. If you do not use earplugs, your hearing will decline. As your sense of hearing goes, you will be forced to increase your volume to hear the music that you are playing. Other musicians will be annoyed at you for being louder than the rest of the band. The solution is easy: buy a pair of earplugs and keep the rest of the group happy.
  • Better pitch. Any great singer must sing in pitch. Better pitch is possible with earplugs because you can now hear yourself more easily.
  • Hearing your bandmates is much more comfortable. Now at rehearsal, you can hear all of the beautiful sounds and melodies that the high volume had previously distorted.


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