Could This App Detect Hearing Loss?

Technology and the hearing healthcare industry are colliding in more ways than one, and for the estimated 466 million people worldwide with hearing loss, that is proving invaluable. From more comprehensive hearing evaluations to 3D printed ear molds, to apps that can help diners find quieter restaurants and bars to rapidly advancing hearing aids and features, the possibilities seem to be endless.
This New App Could Detect Hearing Loss
One of the newest pieces of technology hitting the market to help with hearing loss is the hearAmerica app. South African startup hearX Group partnered with the American Academy of Audiology to launch the app in the United States. It is the first comprehensive hearing screening app of its kind and will be available on most smartphones.
According to the company, the free app will let users test their hearing and receive an accurate detection of hearing loss:
“Many people don’t realize that they’re suffering with hearing loss, and others cannot take time from their busy schedules to find an audiologist,” said Jackie Clark, president of the American Academy of Audiology.
The Trouble With An App Diagnosis
Quality hearing care and hearing loss evaluation are more involved than a simple app can provide.  Hearing healthcare professionals provide an expert and in-depth diagnosis to help determine the best treatment for an individual’s needs and lifestyle.  
The hearing process is anything but simple. The outer, middle, inner ear and brain all play complex roles in hearing and hearing impairment. While an app can diagnosis hearing loss in general, can it dig deeper to diagnosis:

  • Type of hearing loss
  • The extent of hearing loss
  • Whether the hearing loss is in a single ear or bilateral
  • If there may be underlying concerns impacting hearing that should be addressed by a physician

Scheduling a hearing evaluation with a hearing healthcare provider can provide all of this information and more. The test is a crucial first step to determining the best solutions for treatment including hearing aids and lifestyle changes to address underlying issues.
Getting The Right Help To Manage Hearing Loss
With so many new pieces of hearing health technology coming on the market focused on self-diagnosis and care, experts warn that people could be putting their hearing ability at further risk. Without a diagnosis from a professional, individuals could be receiving inadequate treatment and ongoing care. Don’t be fooled by a free price tag. There may be hidden costs to opting for an app in place of a professional.
With that said, the most important thing you can do for your hearing is to get a hearing evaluation. While a professional evaluation is always the best choice, apps like hearAmerica can help get you started in the right direction.
However you uncover your hearing loss, treatment is essential to managing existing loss and preventing further loss. Work with a hearing healthcare provider to discuss the best options for your hearing loss and lifestyle. Unsure where to start? Schedule a consultation or evaluation with us to get started today.


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