Now There’s An App That Detects Hearing Loss

These days it seems like there is an app for just about anything. From managing finances to playing a video game, there is something for everyone. Health apps are prevalent and very helpful for a variety of healthcare concerns. If you are concerned with your hearing, there might be an app for you too. Thankfully, a new app is now online that can detect hearing loss.

Technology For The Hearing Impaired

Hearing impaired individuals benefit from the vast amount of technology available to them. Some apps can turn your phone into a hearing aid while others can vibrate and flash to alert you to nearby sounds. There are even apps to help you learn sign language on the go. Now, hearAmerica can detect your hearing loss.


The mobile application is a collaboration between the American Academy of Audiology and hear X Group. The innovative app, which functions as a school and community-based screening tool for hearing health in underserved countries, is now available in the US. The free app lets users test their hearing via a screening which provides accurate detection of a hearing loss. The app can even link to a nearby hearing health professional if a loss is detected. It is beneficial for people who are busy and do not have time to schedule a visit for a hearing screening.

Get A Professional Diagnosis

An app that can detect hearing loss is a significant step towards good hearing health for everyone. Although the app can recognize a hearing loss, there is much more involved in accurately diagnosing and treating a hearing impairment. A hearing healthcare professional can efficiently provide comprehensive treatment for your hearing problem. There are great reasons to schedule an appointment with a professional including:

  • Comprehensive care. A hearing healthcare professional can address all hearing health problems and treat them as well.
  • There is a connection between ear health and overall health. Scheduling an annual visit with a hearing healthcare professional is essential. Although a physician will look in your ears and maybe clean them, a specialist provides more in-depth assessment and treatment for your hearing problem.
  • A specialist in hearing health. Hearing healthcare professionals are specially trained to treat your hearing needs.
  • Are your ears ringing? According to the American Tinnitus Association, 50 million Americans endure some form of tinnitus. Tinnitus can indicate other health problems such as hearing loss, sinus pressure, head trauma, and high blood pressure. Only a comprehensive exam with a hearing healthcare professional can diagnose and treat this problem.
  • Is your life out of balance? Inner ear issues can lead to balance disorders. A hearing healthcare professional can diagnose and treat balance disorders as well as Meniere’s disease.

The hearAmerica app is an incredible piece of technology that will impact the way hearing loss is detected. However, it is a screening tool. If you discover a hearing loss with the app, it is vital to follow up with a hearing healthcare professional for confirmation and to receive a professional diagnosis and treatment.


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