Hearing Aids And Fashion

There exists a stigma around hearing aids as wearers of hearing aids tend to hide their devices. Modern technology supports this tendency by making hearing aids small and sometimes almost invisible. Why can’t hearing aids be like a set of reading glasses worn on the face without a second thought? The trend of keeping your hearing aids out of sight might be changing as hearing impaired individuals opt for high fashion hearing aids that are highly visible and attractive.

A Design Dilemma

Hearing aid designers must gauge what is essential to hearing aid wearers. Do they want a hearing aid that is almost invisible due to the perceived stigma surrounding them? Alternatively, does the younger generation seek a hearing aid design which is much like jewelry designed for wear behind the ear? Do you hide it or flaunt it?

Destigmatizing Hearing Aids

Producers of hearing aids are responding to those who wear hearing aids. They are making hearing aids that are tiny and sleek, as well as hearing aids available in several colors and styles. A considerable amount of personalization is open to the hearing aid wearer who chooses to display their hearing aids. An almost endless list of colors, patterns, and interchangeable skins are on the market today. There are also jewelry options such as crystals, metals, and inlaid stones to highly personalize your hearing device.

Stylish Devices

Manufacturers are producing hearing aid designs that not only utilize the latest hearing aid technology but also make you look great while wearing the devices. Here are a few of the latest styles:


If you are an admirer of the trendy piercing known as a gauge, this hearing aid is undoubtedly for you. The PLUG is available in a variety of colors and looks like a smart gauge spacing device for your ear.

Hearing And Seeing Sound Waves

This hearing aid, geared toward women who enjoy wearing earrings, includes cutting-edge technology. The SoundsGood takes sound waves that enter your ear and generates a graphic. The SoundsGood’s unique design will allow you to hear better while looking great.


A hearing-impaired audiologist designed these for her hearing aids. The HearRing turns your assistive devices into accessories that are available in a variety of colors to match any outfit.

The Vibe

The Vibe hearing aid has a leopard pattern design and sits in the crest of your ear. It is small, leaves the ear canal unblocked, and looks like a sharp ear piercing.

Seeing Meets Hearing

The Babelfisk hearing aids are eyeglasses that utilize speech-recognition software to transcribe spoken words. When someone talks, the words are spelled out in front of your eyes. The retro looking glasses will help you hear better while looking great in your glasses.
The most significant aspect of a hearing aid is functionality. However, there is no reason why a hearing aid can’t be a fashionable accessory. With advancing technology, hearing aids can be small and out of sight, or colorful and stylish. You have numerous choice,s so take a look at all of the options available to you.


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