The Next Stage Of Hearing Devices

Technology is playing a more significant role in hearing health assistance with each passing year. This year 8,000 people from 83 countries gathered for the 2018 EUHA Congress in Germany. On display at the tradeshow portion of the event was the latest and greatest in technologically advanced assistive hearing devices.
Mood Li-Ion G5
One of the stars of the EUHA was Audio Service with their Mood Li-Ion G5 device. This system acclimates binaurally to each individual hearing environment thanks to complex algorithms. It can connect wirelessly to most smart devices including TVs, tablets, and phones. This device detects the wearer’s own voice and adjusts itself appropriately through a learned process so that their voice sounds natural.
Through its connection with a smartphone, the Mood Li-Ion G5 can be customized to ensure signals are received in the most efficient, most precise way including zoning in on precisely the sounds the wearer wishes to hear. The Li-Ion G5 comes in three capability levels (the 8, 12, and 16), and is available as an ITE (In The Ear) device.
Beltone Amaze
Beltone made a massive jump in capability with its new Amaze product line. This suite of devices are 100% faster in processing speed, has twice the memory as earlier versions, and has increased bandwidth, and longer battery life. Users can wear one of the two available RIE (receiver in the ear) models that run off of an integrated lithium-ion rechargeable battery. When streaming 50 percent of the time the Beltone battery lasts twenty-four hours, and it will last 30 hours if streaming is not utilized.
Bernafon Zerena
Bernafon was in full force this year with its Zerena line of products featuring Dynamic Environment Control System (DECS). DECS features continuous environment detection, dynamic noise management, dynamic amplification control, and dynamic speech processing.  Bernafon offers devices in all configurations including BTE, RITE, miniRITE, IIC, ITE, and CIC.
The Spanish manufacturer Microson introduced its smallest hearing aid in its category this year featuring tinnitus management with a white noise generator and a noise reducer for less echo and more natural sound environment.
Oticon Opn Custom Devices
Oticon launched their smallest devices ever this year featuring IIC and CIC models featuring the Opn Sound Navigator.
A very popular exhibitor this year was the Phonak space with its device that features universal Bluetooth and capatability with a full range of devices including iPhone, Androids, and countless others. Phonak streams to both ears, incorporating phone calls, skype calls, music, and much much more.
ReSound LiNX Quatro
The ReSound LiNX Quatro includes a new chip technology that broadens the ability of signal processing at 100% faster speeds. It also features double the memory and a significant increase in frequency bandwidth.
Signia Styletto Products
The new Styletto product line features a slimmer, more stylish RIC model that can be recharged on the go. But, for all the style it offers, Signia has made sure not to sacrifice any of the capabilities necessary for optimal hearing assistance.


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