Don’t Believe These Common Hearing Aid Myths

If you have a hearing loss and are considering hearing aids, then you are probably familiar with the numerous hearing aid myths and misconceptions. It is time to dismiss these myths and take care of your hearing. New technology and sleek designs are putting an end to these hearing aid legends while helping people hear better and enjoy their lives again.

A Hearing Aid Will Make Me Look Old

If you are postponing hearing aids for cosmetic reasons, there may be an answer to your problem. Thanks to modern technology, hearing aids are now almost invisible. Styles such as completely-in-the-canal (CIC), invisible-in-the-canal (IIC), and mini behind-the-ear (BTE) can help you feel more comfortable wearing a hearing aid. The fact is, a hearing loss is more noticeable than a hearing aid it might not be that a hearing aid makes you look old, but rather it is what you believe they imply.

Hearing Aids Are Too Expensive

Easily one of the most common reasons people give for not getting a hearing aid is the cost. Now, the high price of some premium hearing aids is not a myth, with models costing $3000 to $3500 each. However, it is possible to get a pair of hearing aids with superior technology at lower prices. Please remember that several reputable programs can provide financial assistance to you for the purchase of hearing aids.

I Can Put Off Treatment For A Few Years

Delaying treatment for hearing loss is ill-advised. There can be significant consequences for delaying treatment. Older adults with untreated hearing loss are at high risk for dementia and other cognitive issues. Untreated hearing loss also has a connection to social isolation, depression, and anxiety.

My Hearing Loss Is Not Serious Enough For A Hearing Aid

A hearing aid is not just for profound hearing loss. Hearing aids can help those with mild to moderate hearing loss, and there are models available for that purpose. Even a slight hearing loss can force you to miss out on many of life’s essential moments. It is crucial to stop hearing loss when it first begins. Remember that the longer you put off treating your hearing loss, the longer you will need rehabilitation of the neural pathways.

Everything Will Sound Too Loud

Thirty years ago, there was truth in this statement. Not anymore. Hearing aid volume is now adjusted in minute increments. Several models feature a variety of programs that you can use for different situations and environments. Some can will adjust automatically and some even have a remote control for discreet adjustment.

Hearing Healthcare Professionals Can’t Be Trusted

It is essential that you feel comfortable with any health professional and hearing healthcare professionals are no exception. Here are some considerations when searching for a professional in your area:

  • Professional accreditations
  • Approach to treating hearing loss
  • Professional experience
  • Community involvement
  • Experience with your particular problem
  • References

If you have a hearing loss, please don’t put off treatment. A hearing healthcare professional can diagnose and treat your hearing loss to help you enjoy your life to its full potential.


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