What To Do with Your Old Hearing Aids

People often ask us when they invest in newer hearing technology, “What should I do with my old hearing aids?”  Some people choose to use them as a backup set of hearing aids, in case of emergency if something goes wrong with their new set, which is a terrific idea.  In our office, we have a pretty extensive loaner bank, so that if there’s an emergency, our patients have access to loaner hearing aids if they need them.  But there’s another alternative, too.  You can donate them!  By donating your hearing aids to foundations that will take them and refurbish them or use them for parts and provide them to those who are less fortunate, you are offering the greatest gift of all–the gift of hearing.  There are several ways to donate your hearing aids.  If you want to donate locally, and aren’t interested in receiving a receipt, you can donate them to the Lions Club Hearing Aid Recycling Program (sometimes there are collection boxes next to eyeglass recycling boxes at your local library).  We also have collection boxes in our offices to benefit the Hearing Charities of America, to benefit Sertoma, although as we are not a 501c(3) organization, we cannot provide a receipt for tax purposes.  There are other organizations that you can send your hearing aids to as well, and receive donation receipts that will be sure to make your accountant feel as good about your donation as you do!  Starkey Hearing Foundation and Oticon Hearing Foundation are two organizations that do wonderful things both here domestically and on international missions to help bring hearing to people around the world.

Dr. Trinka proudly displays her hand-painted hearing aid collection box to collect donated aids in our office for the Hearing Charities of America.


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