Extending The Life Of Your Hearing Aid Batteries

A standard hearing aid battery typically lasts between 3 to 22 days. This time frame is dependent on the type of hearing aid, the battery type, how often you use your hearing aid, and how much streaming you do. Depending on how often you use your hearing aids, you may have to change them once a week or twice a month. You should change your batteries if your sound becomes distorted, or if you must increase the volume more than usual. You may even hear the low-battery beep, which indicates that you need to change the batteries. Hearing aid batteries are not cheap, so how can you get the most out of your hearing aid batteries? Read on for some helpful tips.

Start With The Old Batteries

You can store hearing aid batteries for a long time; however, as your batteries sit in storage, their lifespan will decrease. Your newer packs of batteries will have further expiration dates, so by using the older batteries first, your spare batteries will never get too old.

Proper Storage

It is crucial that you store your batteries in a dry area at room temperature. Extreme cold or hot temperatures and high humidity levels are harmful to the life of your hearing aid batteries. Do not keep them in the refrigerator or freezer because they can clog with moisture. Avoid high temperatures, which deplete battery life.

Keep The Stickers On The Battery

The sticker keeps your battery fresh while it is in storage. When you remove the sticker, you activate the battery, and it begins to drain. Do not remove the sticker from the battery until you are ready to use it. Doing this will help you conserve the life of the battery.

Let The Batteries Sit

When you remove the plastic tab, the zinc in the battery mixes with air to power up the battery. Once you remove the tab, let your batteries sit for five minutes. Allowing the batteries to sit gives them the chance to activate before you use them. You can extend a hearing aid battery’s life for two to three days with this simple trick.

Open The Battery Door At Night

If your hearing aid is not in use, turn it off and open the battery door to lessen the battery drain. Leaving the battery door open during the night will also allow moisture to escape. This action will help to keep the battery from corroding and damaging your hearing aid.

Consider Purchasing A Rechargeable Battery Hearing Device

A rechargeable battery allows you to charge your battery at night and get a full day’s use. These rechargeable batteries last a year before needing replacement. If this interests you, speak to your hearing healthcare professional.
Hearing aid batteries do not last long, unfortunately, so take steps to prolong their life. Speak with your hearing healthcare professional about ways to extend the life of your hearing aid batteries or about your interest in a more long-term solution such as rechargeable hearing aid batteries.


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