The Features And Benefits Of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Wireless Bluetooth hearing aids are a game-changer for those of you who wear hearing aids. Bluetooth hearing aids wirelessly hook up to your smartphone, TV, and computer, making it possible to stream HD quality audio right to your hearing aids. These hearing aids deliver an incredible sound quality that streams wirelessly from your electronic devices.


Bluetooth is essentially a communication technology that helps connect two or more electronic devices wirelessly within a short-range, enabling them to exchange information or sound. It is a safe technology that uses high-frequency radio waves to share the information. Bluetooth technology is found in many electronic devices, enabling them to communicate with each other.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

For hearing aids, Bluetooth technology is different. Bluetooth technology takes too much energy for devices that lack battery capacity and must be on most of the time. So, hearing aids use Bluetooth low energy (BLE), which provides reduced power consumption while maintaining communication range. BLE is in heart rate monitors and smartwatches too.

How They Work

If you have a hearing aid with a Bluetooth 2.4 GHz connection, you are ready to go. If not, you will need an assistive listening device such as a streamer. You can wear the device around your neck or physically connect it to your TV and stream the sound directly to your hearing aid.

The Benefits Of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Bluetooth hearing aids offer a user many advantages. Bluetooth hearing aids provide a personalized listening experience. The audio signal can stream to one or both hearing aids with amplification to match the hearing aid’s personalized settings. Bluetooth gives the user a hands-free solution instead of a user struggling to hold a phone receiver close to a hearing aid microphone.

Multiple devices can pair to one streamer, making it easy to switch between devices. You can connect to the phone while streaming a movie on your tablet. The streamer can interrupt audio on the tablet to bring you the audio signal coming in from a phone call. Bluetooth also makes possible remote control of your hearing aids, making changing the volume or program possible via the streamer.

Bluetooth is an electronics industry-standard protocol. In other words, it is not unique to a hearing aid or hearing aid manufacturer. The benefit is that there is a uniformity in the way that it functions across all devices. A Bluetooth connection is secure, and there is no interference.

Many Features

Bluetooth hearing aids have many features. Among the exciting new features for 2020 are the following:

  • Audio streaming
  • Live listening
  • Tinnitus therapy adjustment
  • Remote programming
  • Geotagging
  • Hearing aid software updates
  • Apple Watch compatible

Is Bluetooth Right For You?

If you are a hearing aid wearer, discuss Bluetooth hearing aids with your hearing healthcare professional to begin enjoying the many benefits of wireless Bluetooth hearing aids. If you are having problems with your hearing, schedule a hearing evaluation with a hearing healthcare professional today and begin living your life to its full potential.


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