No Strings Attached: Wireless Hearing Aids and Bluetooth Technology

Hearing aid technology continues to become more and more sophisticated with each passing year, as some device’s capabilities are a better fit for a science-fiction novel rather than real life. Where past hearing aid designs have failed, Bluetooth technology has increased the ease of use for millions of hearing aid users, allowing them to stream signals and sound directly to their hearing aids from other devices such as smartphones, earbuds, and other personal devices. In the past, you would have to choose between hearing your surroundings or your favorite song while exercising, replacing your hearing aids for your earbuds. Thanks to today’s Bluetooth technology such as the Oticon Bluetooth enabled hearing aids, you no longer have to make that choice, allowing you to have healthy hearing while also pairing with your personal electronic devices.

Stream Directly From Your iPhone

Thanks to specific Bluetooth connectivity patented by Apple, certain hearing aids can link directly to your iPhone and iPad without extreme stress to your battery life, allowing you to listen to music sent directly to your hearing aid while exercising or directly stream phone calls. Some smart devices can even track your hearing aids if they’re lost, similar to the iPhone’s “Find my Phone” function.
The quality of life improvements can make all the difference for hearing aid users or those who have yet to commit to hearing devices, which is critically important for the long term hearing health of patients. Unfortunately, of the 28 million Americans that could directly benefit from the use of hearing aids, fewer than 16% of them have ever used them. Though there are many factors for this, many believe that the benefits of hearing aids do not justify the cause. With exciting and convenient features due to Bluetooth technology, wearing hearing aids have become more attractive to use in your daily life.

Is My Hearing Aid’s Bluetooth Only Compatible with iOS?

If your hearing aids do not include the feature to direct stream from your smartphone, don’t worry just yet. There are streaming devices that work as the middleman. Using a compatible assistive listening device, a streamer can provide the communication link between your hearing aids and a Bluetooth-compatible device. The Bluetooth signal from your smart device will be sent to the streamer, which will then be sent to your hearing aids via an FM signal. This streamer is usually worn around the neck or placed in your pocket for discrete and easy streaming!

The Benefits of Streaming With Bluetooth

Bluetooth capabilities offer users a personalized listening experience and remote control of your hearing aids. For many, this could be the difference between not wearing hearing aids and getting the help they desperately need for their hearing loss. If you are deciding whether to use hearing aids or not, speak to a hearing health professional to receive more information about your options. Bluetooth compatible hearing aids may be the perfect solution for your type of hearing loss and unique lifestyle.


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