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Simple Techniques for managing stress. 1. Positive Self Talk 2. Emergency Stress Stoppers 3. Find Pleasure 4. Daily Relaxation

Can Treating Hearing Loss Help Me Stay Youthful and Active?

Addressing hearing loss is one of the best things you can do to improve your quality of life and keep up a youthful pace.  New technologies have made it easier to manage hearing loss and stay engaged in life. Today’s hearing aids help people with hearing loss better hear sounds and people from all directions,… Continue reading Can Treating Hearing Loss Help Me Stay Youthful and Active?

Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries Have Become an Excellent Option

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries are a fantastic idea – on paper. But are they sensible in real life? The first rechargeable hearing aid batteries were large (meaning that they could only be used in over-the-ear type aids), took hours to recharge, and did not hold that charge for very long. Instead of the 12 to.

Why Hearing in Crowded Rooms Might be Especially Tough for You

A frequent question from patients relates to the ability to hear in crowded spaces. They report that they don’t seem to have any problem hearing people and understanding what they say when they are speaking to them one-on-one, or even in small groups. But in a crowd, such as a noisy party or in large.

A Brief History of Hearing Aid Technology

The earliest type of hearing aid is in fact still in use today. If you see a person cup their hand behind their ear, you are seeing the first method of hearing assistance in action. The first real hearing aids, however, were the long trumpets used by sailors to hear the voices of other sailors.

Why am I Losing my Hearing Ability?

This is one of the questions we are asked most often. The definition of hearing loss is simple: you are unable to hear normal conversations. It’s also extremely common with over 22 million hearing impaired Americans and 10 million suffering from hearing loss. There are many possible causes of hearing loss, but the most common.